About VisDa

A groundbreaking solution, VisDa helps you move rapidly towards regulatory compliance by tracking and tracing all communications and information within your network.

VisDa enables you to visualise, explore and identify the origins and destinations of all of your data transfers both within your network and to third parties all over the world. By showing you what data you are transferring to where, and by automatically calculating the risk that the data transfer poses to your business, VisDa gives you control of your data in a way that no other solution can match.

An essential component in helping your organisation comply with regulations such as GDPR, Dodd-Frank and the reporting obligations of many other regulations, our solution is backed up by world-renowned records management experts who lead the implementation teams.

VisDa helps you move rapidly towards GDPR compliance by tracking and tracing all communications and information in your network


Powerful data visualisation is a key component of our solutions. We understand that the data needed by your executive board is not the data that is needed by your operational teams. Therefore, we have built a user interface that allows both top down and low level analyses to take place.

All our products have been built with user efficiency in mind. From high-level dashboards through to our granular next generation data visualisation screens our solutions give you the right information in an easy to understand format.

This reduces the time needed by your operational and leadership teams to understand the data, giving you back the time you need to use the data analysis outputs to make decisions and take actions.

VisDa is a solution that was built with GDPR in mind, it does however address different Regulatory and Compliance challenges mainly GDPR, Dodd-Frank and Regulatory Reporting


Coming into force in May 2018 one of the most challenging components of GDPR is an organisations responsibility to monitor and regulate it’s data transfers to third parties. Attracting the biggest sanctions (a fine of 4% of global turnover or 20 million euros) VisDa is able to provide organisations with a simple and effective solution to address this challenge.With the business requirements in mind, we can design and implementing controls, a new target operating model and even a new Cyber Security function for your organisation by leveraging our own resources and experience.


The regulation makes it clear that any any transactions occurring between a financial institution and a third-party still requires the financial institution to be responsible for compliance with laws and regulations. VisDa combined with a strong third party risk management approach is able to provide compliance with this aspect of the US regulation.

Secgate has a large network of experienced Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert professionals that can be seconded to your organisation under fixed prices and flexibility in duration and, if needed, work under your own company name for your own existing clients.

Regulatory Reporting

Many regulations now stipulate that information security incidents have to be reported to industry bodies within a defined time-frame of the incident occurring. VisDa gives your company the ability to go to the industry body (such as the FCA) armed with information about the breach – the size of the breach, how the breach occurred and what steps have been put in place to remediate the breach.

Our consultants are also trained to identify new opportunities, this will help increase your margins and help you win more business whilst working for your clients.