Secgate Technologies

We build and deliver advanced cyber security technology solutions that strengthen and empower our clients IT security and resilience.

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Redefining Technology

At Secgate Technologies we deliver information technology and intelligence solutions that both strengthen and empower our clients’ IT security and resilience. Our tools give clients technology capabilities that allow them to analyse, correlate, identify and eliminate threats.

Based in the UK and Austria we are industry experts and leading technologists who have built a suite of solutions with proven defensive capabilities that tackle IT threat detection, analytics and IT incident response. Our flagship product, Forest Tree, has been successfully deployed in a number of complex and unique environments.

Part of the specialist advisory group Secgate, our clients include large enterprises, governments, SMEs and high-net-worth individuals.

Our Technologies

Proven Technology

Our products have been implemented in governments and companies worldwide and are proven in the most challenging environments.

Secure by Design

Security software should not be the weak link in your information security control landscape. All of our products are secure by design and tested by real hackers.

Built by Experts

All of our engineers are drawn from leading engineering firms and have had numerous years of experience building security solutions.

Purpose Built

Analysts who have worked within some of the world’s most complex security operations centres have been consulted when building our technology solutions. Every aspect of each solution has been built with a real-world purpose in mind.

Patented Technology

Our solutions have been built on a patented core technology. This means that you won’t find any other solutions that can perform at the same level as ours.

We use advanced Behavioural Learning technologies that enable us to learn, adapt and defend what matters most to our clients.

Advanced Technologies

Forest Tree

Forest Tree

Our flagship solution helps you to identify, analyse and block active threats on your network.

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Calculate identifies your businesses cyber maturity level and gives you a roadmap to remediation for any identified gaps.

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VisDa gives you the ability to visualise your data to ensure that you are compliant with GDPRs data transfer requirements.

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Our technology is built from the ground up to strengthen, enable and empower our clients’ information technology security, helping to protect your data, and more importantly, your reputation.

Our Technologists

  • Solutions Implemented by Tier 1 Teams
    Our implementation teams are all drawn from tier 1 backgrounds. They have a proven track record of implementing security technology with the world’s biggest and most complex clients. And because we are a niche firm without the overheads of a large corporate, we can create higher quality solutions for a more competitive price.
  • Technology Aimed at Real Problems
    Our solutions have been built using ideas generated from real world security analysts, hackers and CISOs. Each solution is designed to solve a specific business problem and provide a tangible decrease in business risk. Our solutions have an impact with each partner that we work with – ask us for a proof of concept to see just how we can help you to mitigate your risk portfolio.
  • Expert Technologists with Experience
    With inputs from both industry professionals and cyber security experts our solutions are crafted by world class software engineers and data scientists who have built some of the most well-known and robust solutions to date.