From a specialist pair of hands to outsourcing partner, we believe that working with us can increase your service offerings and add real value to your customers, be your own organisation or your consultancy clients.

Many consulting companies today are offering Cyber Security services to their clients as large organisations continue to invest heavily into Cyber Security. Secgate can help your organisation understand the key considerations for designing and implementing a new target operating model for the development of your own Cyber Security capabilities. Whether you feel your current security offerings are insufficient or non-existent, our team of professionals will help you optimise your existing capability or develop new expertise and skills.

We forge new relationships for the benefit of all parties. Secgate can offer partnership models aimed at:

Developing your own in-house Cyber Security capabilities.

Do you or your clients need to improve the current security capabilities? Or the current Cyber Security strategy? Implement an IAM program? These are examples of how our team of professionals can help your organisation and your clients.

With the business requirements in mind, we can design and implementing controls, a new target operating model and even a new Cyber Security function for your organisation by leveraging our own resources and experience.

Providing extra resources when you need them.

Does your organisation have short term work to be done or expert skills that are needed for a finite period?

Secgate has a large network of experienced Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert professionals that can be seconded to your organisation under fixed prices and flexibility in duration and, if needed, work under your own company name for your own existing clients.

Becoming your organisation’s preferred third party provider.

Do your clients ask you regularly about Cyber Security services? By including us in your preferred provider list, you and your clients can benefit from our experience at special rates.

Our consultants are also trained to identify new opportunities, this will help increase your margins and help you win more business whilst working for your clients.

If you are interested in exploring any of the above opportunities in more details, or to present your own ideas for collaboration, please contact our Director for Strategic Partnerships at for further information or to arrange a personal meeting.

Partnerships can generate immediate benefits by combining the different skillsets and service offerings as well as harnessing the competitive advantages and customer bases of the organisations involved.

A partnership with us is unique as it will give you access to a team of world class experienced professionals who will work diligently to help you meet your business objectives by increasing your margins and help you win more business. For more information please contact us on

The Cyber Security market has seen an unprecedented growth over the past few years and has shot to the top of both business and government agendas. According to Gartner, Companies today are investing over 6% in Cyber Security every year, with that figure set to grow as advancement in technologies are realised. We foresee that a large amount of this spend will be allocated to paying experts in the Cyber Security field to help clients develop their capabilities in this area. It is a good time to start considering providing these services to your clients, here at Secagte, we can help you achieve that.