About Secgate

Secgate is a specialist security advisory and technology innovation group made up of experienced and award winning tier 1 professionals who deliver intelligent protection solutions that both strengthen and empower our clients’ IT security and resilience.

Our in house technology department builds, implements and manages next generation IT security tools to help our clients analyse, correlate, identify and eliminate Cyber Security threats. With headquarters in the UK, Secgate Technologies is made up of industry experts and leading technologists who have built a suite of solutions with proven defensive capabilities that tackle IT threat detection, analytics and IT incident response. Our flagship product, Forest Tree, has been successfully deployed in a number of complex and uniquely demanding environments.

Our combination of consultants and technologists allows us to deliver unique and innovative solutions that provide our clients with a real tangible value.

Our Capabilities

Security Consultants

Our tier 1 consultants have helped deliver security transformation programmes for some of the largest multi-national corporates. Security experts with a delivery focused approach we can help analyse your security posture, identify gaps and deliver remediation work to ensure that you stay secure.

Technology Engineers

Secgate technologies combines experienced security software engineers with a wealth of knowledge from industry experts and consultants. The result is a suite of robust and innovative products that increase our clients security capabilities and defensive posture.

Threat Intelligence

Our monthly threat intelligence and Cyber Security publication, Cyber World, offers you with a centralised platform for threat intelligence, industry news and expert opinions in the field of information protection and business continuity

Business Strategists

Our people understand that cyber security is just one of a portfolio of risks that businesses face. Our strategists help you to fit cyber security into the bigger picture – we look at your risk profile as a whole and look to mitigate these risks so that you can focus on making your business grow

Thought Leaders

Our people have helped develop tools and processes that have become best practice within the industry. We are constantly looking for new ways to challenge the status quo. Whether it be records management, security governance or third party risk management our consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the solutions delivered to our clients are truly next generation

We are designed to protect you like no other company. We use Intelligent Protection Methodologies and Behavioural Learning systems that means we adapt, evolve and defend what matters most to you, your reputation

Our Capabilities



Our consultants take pride in providing only the highest calibre of expert advice and technical expertise, so your organisation can rely on our professionals to get the job done.

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Our technologists design, build and deploy next generation cyber security solutions that will give you new capabilities and a strong defensive posture that no other tools can match.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Our monthly threat intelligence publication, Cyber World, offers a centralised platform for threat intelligence and industry news in the field of information protection.

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Security is our number 1 priority. Our services are designed to help you build confidence, understand your threats and vulnerabilities, and secure your environment.

Meet The Team

Industry Vision leaders
Our team includes experts who have spent years within the cyber security industry. From CISOs to cyber investigators our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that our solutions can make a positive impact on your security.

Cyber Security Experts
Built by cyber professionals for cyber professionals our collective hundreds of years’ experience in the industry shines through in our solutions. Combined with best practice guidelines from ISO, NIST and COBIT we know exactly what you need to be secure.

Our technology division, delivers information technology and intelligence solutions that strengthen and empower our client’s IT security and resilience.

Why Us

Our People

Our people differentiate us. We handpick the top consultants who have already proven that they can deliver quality work in challenging environments.

High Quality

The work we produce is built-to-last. Robustness, reliability and resilience is built into all of our projects and this has been proven time and time again through our repeat customers.

Competitive Pricing

We are not a big 4. We do not have massive overheads and therefore are able to provide a more efficient service for our clients. This allows us to offer highly competitive prices.

Dedicated To Clients

Our clients are our partners. In order to provide security that works we have to understand their business, their environment and the threats they face.


Our consultants have operated in challenging environments across the globe for both large multi-national corporates and small to medium enterprises. Our competitive pricing allows us to be flexible with our client base.

Award Winning

Our consultants have a wide range of industry certifications and awards and are drawn from award winning consultancies.  We recruit the best people to provide the best service.


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